Intermarriage and Second-Generation Filipino Americans

Brenda conducted a study on inter-ethnically and interracially married Filipino Americans in New York City. Drawing on twenty-two interviews with second-generation Filipino Americans, I explored if, how, and to what extent racial and ethnic boundaries are blurred among the Filipino participants and their partners, their families, and their co-ethnics.

She was interviewed  about this project on Adem Carroll’s WBAI 99.5 program, “War on Immigrants.”  The interview can be heard by clicking here.

Her article, “Changing racial boundaries and mixed unions: the case of second-generation Filipino Americans”, which was based on this study, was recently published in Ethnic and Racial Studies.  You can access it by going to this link:

Explaining Second-Generation Educational Trajectories: Filipino American Families in New York City

She is currently working on her dissertation, “Setting the bar low: the effects of ethnic contexts on second-generation Filipino American mobility,” which seeks to understand if, and how, social class, race, and gender shape the educational trajectories of second-generation Filipino Americans.

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